Carpet Cleaning Perth Prices

Our Carpet Cleaning Perth Prices are very competitive. We pride ourselves in delivering quality services using only the best products and equipment while keeping our prices attractive and affordable.

Carpet Cleaning – Domestic ($80 minimum call out)
Includes: Vacuuming | Stain Treatment | Deodorizer

1 Room (minimum call out) $80
Additional Rooms $30
Stairs (up to 12) $30
Rugs/Mats – Large, Medium, Small ($25,$15,$10) $25

Additional charges per room may apply if the following is required:
$10.00 Excessive vacuuming and debris removal / heavily soiled carpets
$20.00 Pet urine and pet stain treatments
$20.00 Advanced stain removal
$40.00 Hauling/lifting equipment to units/apartments with no ground level access

Upholstery Cleaning ($80 minimum call out)
Includes:  Vacuuming | Stain Treatment | Deodorizer | Protection

Lounge Room Chairs and Sofas (per seating position) $30
Dining Room Chairs $15

Mattress Cleaning (minimum call out $80)
Includes: Vacuuming | Stain Treatment | Deodorizer | Sanitizer

Cot or Small Mattress $80
Single Mattress $85
Double Mattress $95
Queen Mattress $110
King Mattress $120